Academy for Public Speaking Online Course Reviews

Academy for Public Speaking Graduates Gain Confidence

Academy Graduates Have Fun Gaining Confidence!

“Both my daughters attend the Academy for Public Speaking’s classes and they agree that they are always a joy to attend and learn from. Mrs. Kathleen Petrone is a positive and supportive teacher towards her students and constantly gives them helpful suggestions for improvement.

My daughters used to be very shy and introverted, and taking public speaking classes has allowed them to improve and become much more comfortable with public speaking.

This semester, taking online public speaking classes has allowed them to meet so many interesting and unique people, and they always end class with a big smile on their faces and a wonderful attitude. Highly recommend the Academy for Public Speaking!” Meiling Yueh

Parent Comments

“The online version is also effective. Students enjoyed and learned a lot.”

“Kids love the class. They learned and improved a lot on public speaking skills. Overall, the effectiveness of online courses is great!”

Student Testimonials

The Academy for Public Speaking offers summer camp and after school enrichment for children in San Diego.

Confident, Effective Communication

“It was fun, interactive, and all around amazing.”

“It teaches you good things.”

“I think others should take this course because most people on this planet do not have too much confidence when speaking in front of a group of people. This class teaches you about confidence, expressions, and more! There are classes at different times on different days. Also summer camps! I like these classes because you get to share about what you like and others get to know you. This is why I think others should take the class.”

“Because it’s simple to understand and fun to learn with all the fun games we play.”

“Because it’ll help you in the future.”

“I think other people should take this class because it teaches how to say a speech in a good way and we also play games.”

“I think that you should take this class because it teaches things that normal elementary schools don’t teach. The course basically summarizes the basics of writing and improves your confidence.”

“People should take this class because they can learn to express their thoughts.”

Student Testimonials

“It can boost confidence even if it’s online.”

“I think other people should take this course so they learn public speaking or get rid of their fear of public speech.”

“I think they should take this course because it helps them build them their confidence up.”

“It is an amazing experience, it is fun, and you get to learn about a skill that is extremely useful later on in your life.”

“I think people who want to get better at public speaking should take this class because it teaches you almost everything about public speaking and what you need to know. It also gives you an experience of public speaking in front of your classmates.”

The Academy for Public Speaking empowers students to become confident, effective communicators.

Gain Confidence & Happiness!

“Other people should take this class because it trains your confidence and your speech skills. This class gives opportunities to make speeches to the class.”

“I think my friends should take this class so they can get better in presenting their O.S.A which is the presentation we make at school. Also, if you are working on communication skills this class will help you improve your confidence in presenting a speech or an idea, and it will help you with your pitches to the sponsor vendor.”

“This class is great for people who want to learn and/or improve their public speaking!!
This was a great course for learning important public speaking skills such as keeping eye contact, vocal variety, and hand gestures. It also helped me become more confident about speaking in front of an audience.”

Student Comments

What did you like about this class?

Summertime Fun at the San Diego Fair!

Summertime Fun at the San Diego Fair!

“I liked the interactive fun way of the class.”

“All the amazing people in this class!”

“I like how we have jobs and that we get to talk about interesting things about what you like.”

“I liked doing our speeches.”


“I liked that I learned how to say a speech in a better way.”

“Nice teacher and played fun games”

“That it teaches me new things about writing”

The Academy for Public Speaking supports the World Wildlife Fund.

Supporting the World Wildlife Fund!

“I liked the teacher and the Q and A.”

“The speeches”

“I liked that it built my confidence up.”

“We got tips from other people about our current level and how to improve.”

“I liked that all the directions were explained carefully so that I understood everything.”

“It is interesting and improved my speech and confidence skills. It was really fun and exciting.”

“We get to do speeches so I could improve my public speaking and work on communication. I learned a lot of techniques.”

“I liked the speeches a lot. Everyone did so well, it was hard to not like the speeches!!”

“I liked being able to evaluate each other’s work.”

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