Parents and Students Are Invited to Attend a Free Introduction to Public Speaking Class

Academy for Public Speaking Graduate

Academy for Public Speaking Graduate

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the gift of confidence and effective communication skills. The Academy for Public Speaking offers fun, interactive courses in San Diego and online to empower children to develop confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills. Our public speaking courses and summer camps are open to 3rd-12th grade students.

By discovering and embracing the power of public speaking and leadership, your child will enjoy the benefits of being a confident, effective communicator. Students who conquer the fear of public speaking at an early age have a significant advantage in school and life.

At the Academy for Public Speaking, your child will learn the value of not being afraid to express his or her ideas while developing confidence, leadership experience, and public speaking skills. These essential communication skills will support your child in doing well in school and achieving his or her goals in life.

During our free introduction to public speaking class, we discuss why public speaking skills are so important, how common the fear of public speaking is, and how your child can quickly overcome the fear of public speaking.

You will meet several Academy for Public Speaking graduates who will present speeches and share about their experiences. The graduates will explain how they initially felt about public speaking, what they like about the Academy for Public Speaking courses and camps, and how the skills they have acquired have helped them in school and life.

Please note availability for our free introduction to public speaking class is limited, and advance registration is required. For more information and to register, please use this link to visit the free class registration page.

The Academy for Public Speaking offers three levels of courses – level one, advanced, and masters courses, after school enrichment courses, specialty courses, such as debate, speech contests, and creative communication strategies, and summer camp. We also offer online courses and private courses for groups of four or more. Please use this link to view course descriptions.

During the level one course, your child will not only gain confidence, but he or she will also learn how to write and deliver speeches, give effective peer evaluations, and develop leadership skills. Speeches in level one include projects such as introduction, storytelling, inspirational, and persuasive.

Each course consists of 8 one hour sessions. Our in person public speaking courses are offered on Saturdays during the spring, summer, and fall at the Hampton Inn Del Mar. Our online courses are held via Zoom.

We also offer private courses for groups with four or more students. Private courses are usually held in the residence of one of the students or online, and the schedule is customized based on the needs of the group.

We offer after school enrichment courses through the Del Mar School District and the Solana Beach School District.

During the summer we offer one week public speaking and debate camps for students who will enter 3rd-6th grade in the fall. Summer camps meet M-F from 9:30-11:30 a.m. with a 15 minute break in the middle.

To view the list of dates, times, and locations for our public speaking and debate courses and summer camps, please click the link below to visit the Academy for Public Speaking schedule and registration page.

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