Public Speaking Summer Camps for Students in San Diego

Academy for Public Speaking Graduates Gain Confidence

Academy Graduates Have Fun Gaining Confidence!

The Academy for Public Speaking offers a variety of fun, interactive public speaking summer camps for students in San Diego who will enter 3rd-7th grade in the fall. Our camps include public speaking, advanced public speaking, speech contests, and debate.

Our public speaking camps meet for 1-2 weeks for 2-4 hours per day. The camps will be held at Sage Canyon Elementary School in Carmel Valley and at Golden Dragon Institute in Sorrento Valley.

Our fun, highly interactive public speaking camps empower children to become confident, effective communicators and leaders. During our public speaking camp, your child will have fun while also improving his or her communication skills and level of confidence. Your child will plan and present two speech projects in class & participate in fun, communication based games & activities. There is no homework required.

Public Speaking Summer Camps

The Academy for Public Speaking provides a fun, safe, and supportive learning environment where children are encouraged to creatively express themselves as they develop valuable communication and leadership skills. Shy children emerge from their shells as they gain confidence, while expressive children enjoy the abundance of opportunities to be heard.

In addition to learning how to organize and deliver prepared speeches, peer evaluations, and impromptu responses, your child will also experience leadership roles such as President, Timer, “Ah” & “Um” Eliminator, and Question Master. Students not only learn how to give speeches, but they also participate in games and activities designed to encourage teamwork, fun, creativity, and self-expression. To learn more about our advanced courses, please use this link.

Our public speaking summer camps will begin in July. To view a list of dates and times for our public speaking summer camps and registration information, please use this link.

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