Public Speaking Pays… in a Variety of Ways!

Confidence is Key! 12 Amazing Ways Public Speaking Empowers Your Child by Kathleen Petrone

Confidence is Key!

Public Speaking pays in a variety of ways! In my first book Confidence is Key, I share 12 amazing ways public speaking empowers children.

The benefits of embracing the power of public speaking include overcoming fear, reducing anxiety, gaining confidence, and improved self-esteem.

Children who feel confident are more comfortable expressing themselves, sharing their ideas, and discussing their feelings. Increased self-expression leads to better relationships with yourself and others.

Students with good self-esteem are happier, make friends more easily, and choose friends wisely. Confident children are less likely to be bullied, and they have better social skills.

Confident children also do better in school. Students who have studied public speaking benefit from developing and expressing their thoughts in an organized manner both verbally and in writing.

Academy for Public Speaking graduates are confident, effective communicators and leaders.

Student Council President

Practicing public speaking obviously helps children do better on their presentations at school. Not only do students earn better grades, but they also benefit from feeling confident instead of feeling terrified.

Attending the Academy for Public Speaking not only helps children perform better academically, but also helps them develop their leadership skills. Confident children embrace opportunities to express and challenge themselves.

Graduates of the Academy for Public Speaking often choose to run for positions of leadership at their school with their student government organizations and are successful in being elected.

Studying public speaking helps students gain the confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills they need to run a successful campaign, which includes presenting a powerful, persuasive campaign speech in order to get elected.

The Academy for Public Speaking empowers children in San Diego to become confident, effective public speakers.

Academy for Public Speaking Graduate Neil

Academy for Public Speaking graduates are also better prepared to join and enjoy participating on the speech and debate team at school. In chapter 8 of Confidence is Key, Neil Majumdar shares his experience from his freshman year of high school.

“I came to the Academy for Public Speaking after I joined and then immediately quit my speech and debate club. Going into the speech and debate club, I thought I would learn how to speak in front of many people. Instead I learned that I’d have to go into a speech and debate competition without any instruction on how to do it.”

Fortunately, Neil had the desire and made the decision to gain the confidence and communication skills he needed to have a successful experience on the speech and debate team.

But how many others students feel inadequate, embarrassed, and decide to quit and never return? Although the exact number is unknown, the answer is undoubtedly too many.

The Academy for Public Speaking empowers students to become confident, effective communicators.

Gain Confidence & Happiness!

Neil’s example illustrates the importance of seeking public speaking instruction for your child. Most schools do not have time to add teaching public speaking to the already overcrowded curriculum. This is so sad as communication skills are the most important skills one can acquire for happiness and success in life both personally and professionally.

Even schools that require presentations often fail to provide any accompanying instruction to help children be successful speakers. Forcing scared students to stand before the class and speak is not a successful strategy.

I realize public speaking is a huge fear most people would rather avoid than embrace. I successfully avoided public speaking for the majority of my life aside from two courses I was forced to take in college in order to earn my degree.

Academy for Public Speaking President & Founder Kathleen Petrone, Distinguished Toastmaster

Kathleen Petrone, Academy for Public Speaking – President & Founder

Theses courses used the stand and speak model without adequate accompanying instruction, and they made me hate and avoid public speaking even more. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30s that I finally decided to reluctantly embrace the power of public speaking.

At the time I thought I was just working on overcoming my fear of public speaking. I didn’t realize I was also gaining valuable leadership experience and essential skills that would later help me become a successful entrepreneur.

At that time, I had no idea I would later decide to start my own business – the Academy for Public Speaking. Looking back it’s easy to see what a powerful impact embracing public speaking has had on my life.

I also can’t help but wonder what if I had started gaining confidence and effective communication and leadership skills 25 years ago when I was 11 instead of waiting until I was 36?

It would have been really great to not spend so much of life embracing avoidance and living in fear! This is why I am so passionate about helping children gain confidence and effective communication skills early in life. These essential skills will empower your child and lead to more opportunities for success and happiness in school and life.

Academy for Public Speaking graduate Natasha Bacorn won a $1,500 scholarship in the 2016 Optimist Club Oratorical Contest

Natasha Wins a $1,500 Scholarship!

Public speaking also pays in some other ways I haven’t mentioned yet. Another way is by actually getting paid! Students can win cash prizes and scholarships from competing in speech contests.

Although it’s only mid-March, Academy for Public Speaking graduates have already won $1,300 this year from competing in speech contests. Over the past 6 years, Academy for Public Speaking graduates have won a total of $20,000 in cash prizes and scholarships!

Embracing the power of public speaking is a skill that will help your child along every part of his or her journey through life. From elementary school, through middle school and high school, in college, and beyond embracing the power of public speaking will positively impact your child’s life.

The benefits begin by participating in one of our eight session courses or a one or two week summer camp. You will be amazed how much progress your child can make in a matter of weeks!

Academy for Public Speaking graduate Hanrui Zhang won 1st Place & a $2,500 Scholarship in the 2014 Optimist Club Oratorical Contest

Hanrui Zhang Wins a $2,500 Scholarship!

In chapter 6 of Confidence is Key, Academy for Public Speaking graduate Hanrui Zhang shares his experience with the power of public speaking and the positive impact on his life. Hanrui shares his “Metamorphosis” from being a bully with behavior issues in elementary school to becoming the fine, outstanding, successful young man he is today.

While attending the Academy for Public Speaking, Hanrui discovered how to use his voice in powerful, positive, productive ways. Hanrui has continually embraced opportunities to apply and enhance his public speaking and leadership skills, and in 2014 he won a $2,500 scholarship from competing in a speech contest.

Hanrui is now a freshman at the University of San Francisco. During his first semester of college, Hanrui was invited to be an intern in the public speaking department. Then before the first semester even ended, Hanrui was offered a paid position within the department!

Academy for Public Speaking Podcast #1 - Graduate: Hanrui Zhang

Academy for Public Speaking – Debut Podcast!

Many college graduates struggle to find a job after they graduate. But not Hanrui. He was already offered an opportunity in his first semester of college because of his excellent public speaking skills!

In the Academy for Public Speaking debut podcast in January of this year, Hanrui was our special guest. Hanrui shares how public speaking has benefited him throughout his entire school career from middle school, high school, and in college.

You can listen to the podcast by using the following links to visit our YouTube channel or our Facebook page.

To learn more about how the power of public speaking can benefit your child, order a copy of Confidence is Key! 12 Amazing Ways Public Speaking Empowers Your Child on by using this link. And remember, Confidence is Key!

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