Public Speaking Enrichment Class at Solana Pacific Elementary School in San Diego Begins Soon

Academy for Public Speaking Graduation Ceremony

Academy for Public Speaking Graduation Ceremony – Winter 2017 Graduates

Solana Pacific Elementary School students are invited to join us for a fun, interactive enrichment course to develop their confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Our spring public speaking session will begin on Wed., April 19th at 3 p.m. at Solana Pacific Elementary School in San Diego. The course will run for 8 weeks.

Students will learn how to organize a speech, techniques for beginning and ending effectively, and mistakes to avoid.

In addition to learning how to organize and write speeches, the students will also develop their impromptu communication skills. They will enjoy participating in fun, interactive games and activities to practice using gestures and vocal variety and build teamwork and leadership skills.

For information on how to register, please contact Solana Pacific Elementary School or use this link.

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