Debate Summer Camp in San Diego Offered by the Academy for Public Speaking

During the Academy for Public Speaking’s debate summer camp course, your child will gain confidence and have fun while developing essential communication skills. During this highly interactive summer camp, your child will present speeches and participate in debates. Through prepared presentations and impromptu communication, your child will practice speaking clearly and confidently while using good volume, an appropriate rate, vocal variety, enthusiasm, and eye contact.

Students will learn the purpose, goals, and structure of a debate. The students will also learn how to research their topics, build their cases with reasoning, evidence, and emotion, cross examine their opponents, and present effective rebuttal arguments. During the debates, students will use evidence, logic, and emotion to persuade the judges.

Your child will also enhance his or her organization and writing skills by creating key word outlines and taking notes. Other benefits include developing listening skills and learning to respectfully express a different point of view. Your child will enjoy opportunities to express his or her personality and creativity during this fun, interactive debate summer camp.

The Academy for Public Speaking debate summer camp course will be held in San Diego at Golden Dragon Institute on July 25-29, 2016 from 1-3 p.m. Registration is available on the Academy for Public Speaking website by using this link.

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