Creative Communication Summer Camp Improves Public Speaking Skills and Inspires Self-Expression

Academy for Public Speaking student Sophia Hu shares what she liked about the creative communication summer camp and why it’s amazing!

During this highly interactive summer camp your child will have fun while learning to confidently express his or her ideas through the use of creative communication strategies. The techniques we teach will empower your child be a more creative, interesting, and effective speaker.

Your child will participate in fun activities and exercises to practice using facial expressions, gestures, body language, vocal variety, emotion, and enthusiasm to deliver more powerful speeches. Students will also practice using visual aids, humor, and other dramatic techniques to entertain their audience.

In addition to planning and presenting speeches in class, your child will also participate in fun, communication based games and activities to practice self-expression, teamwork, and leadership skills. Participating in the Academy for Public Speaking Creative Communication Camp will inspire your child to be a confident, creative speaker who captivates his or her audiences!

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